This past year, I made a commitment to myself to be more in tune with my body and fitness. Being mindful and centered is something that’s important to me, but without frilly affirmations in pink pen and cheesy mantras. I wanted a real and engaging perspective to develop.

Enter, Metal Yoga Bones. Imagine a warrior pose with complex heavy metal blasting, low lights, and howling at the darkness. Yes, it’s amazing as it sounds.

Metal Yoga Bones is run by Saskia, an energetic and passionate instructor. You might also recognize her from the local Greenpoint studio, Usha Veda Yoga. I always loved Saskia’s class with her mix of challenge, ease, and intention. I recruited my sister and we headed to St. Vitus for a Saturday class.

Metal Yoga Bones at St. Vitus

Entering St. Vitus, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I like yoga and heavy metal and I love that bar. So, why not?

Instead, I went on a crazy journey. Now, I want more.

With the lights dimmed and the metal rising, we howled and set our intentions. We screamed. We literally told our insecurities to fuck right off. We accepted ourselves. Heavy metal: thrashing, pulsating, in tune. I felt easier to connect with myself and be okay with the darkness. It felt all so genuine. This wasn’t some breezy yoga studio in Chelsea with overused, drippy meditation music and affirmation mantras. We didn’t drink kale smoothies with wheatgrass shots like basic bitches. Instead, we fought hard.

Photo by Joanna C. Valente

Saskia runs her classes on this principle: “The intention of the practice is to be grounding and at the same time uplifting for your spirit by enjoying your favorite music. We will be holding poses until we are feeling their hellish fire creeping into our bodies and rest in peace in Corpse Pose in the end of the class.” Let me tell you, it was glorious. Being pushed and discovering what my body could accomplish in an environment where I felt accept and in tune was priceless.

Class schedule:
Saturdays, 4:45 pm at St. Vitus
Wednesdays at 6:30pm and Sundays at 3 pm at Cobra Club

For best class schedules and updates, follow Heavy Metal Yoga Bones on Facebook.

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