June is LGBTQ Pride Month and events, celebrations and parties have been popping up all over Brooklyn culminating in the huge Manhattan parade this weekend. And it couldn’t be more timely, with the Supreme Court ruling that there can be no more bans on same-sex marriage, the country has cried out in celebration for marriage equality, FINALLY.

Last Saturday North Brooklyn PRIDE Block Party was bumping, despite some cloudy skies and rain, check out some photos below:

The street block party spanned from Kent Avenue to Wythe on North 11th and featured a kids’ party with balloon artists, crafts, face painting, and a dance party from the Baby DJ School- showing that Pride is totally a kid-friendly family event.


Up the block sponsors Brooklyn Brewery was selling $5 beer (yes. reasonably priced beer in North Brooklyn??!) and giving half of the proceeds to the Heart Gallery, which works to find homes for children in foster care.

The Heart Gallery also showcased beautiful photos of LGBTQ children and teens who need homes and mentors–many of whom had ended up in foster care because hostile environments due to their sexual orientation.

Later on in the day the adult party kicked into gear with DJs and drag performances, including a diva-level performance of “And I’m Telling You” from local Greenpointer,  Merrie Cherry. People danced and sang along in the rain in the middle of the street, some even leaving tips for Merrie at the end of the stage.

The crowd was welcoming and fun–everyone was mingling and greeting newcomers and passers-by. Merrie Cherry remarked after her performance that we Northern Brooklyners, Manhattanites, etc. are very lucky to live in a neighborhood where we can display our pride, talents, and beliefs in the middle of the street.

Although the Pride Block Party was fun and literal games, it had a message–no matter how lucky we are to be out and proud, there are still tons of LGBTQ youth suffering because of who they are. It is our job to support them and lift them up.

Without people taking to the streets, fearlessly marching and being their true selves, we wouldn’t have such a huge shift in societal acceptance. It is this tireless activism and pride that got us to the SCOTUS ruling and a whole month-long global celebration of LGBTQ. Love wins!


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