Earthquake Lights, Your Sister’s Canary, P. Everett

Friday June 19th 8:00 pm at Cameo Gallery

© Yuki Monestere. Earthquake Lights.

Earthquake Lights (EQL) share a bill at Cameo Gallery (93 N 6th St.) with friends Your Sister’s Canary and P. Everett. All three bands are previewed below, along with with our other North Brooklyn concert recommendations for this weekend.

EQL is comprised of Myles Rodenhouse (vocals, guitar), Cameron Underhill (keys, vocals), Evan Douaihy (guitar), James DiGirolamo (bass), and Steve Helms (drums). Rodenhouse and Helms were roommates in college and reached out to Underhill, Douaihy, and DiGirolamo in the school’s jazz program to complete the ensemble.

“Generally I write the songs, and then we flesh them out with rhythm section and then finish the arrangements,” says Rodenhouse, who also has a recording studio. In some cases, “ideas from a band member get fleshed out with drums and bass, and then a vocal added over it.”


They will be playing a new song with the working title of “May Day,” and jazz-inflected songs from their forthcoming LP, due out in 2016. The new material is a big step for them since their 2011 Bangups & Hangups EP as they move in the direction of hip-hop and R&B with a foundation in rock music. They take the stage at 10:30 pm.

It’s been a year since progressive blues-pop rock band Your Sister’s Canary performed. Originally from Jersey, the Brooklyn-based “friends, brothers, roommates, business partners, [and] band-mates” have been together for nearly ten years, “and only together, musically,” Josh Edsall (bass, vocals) says by way of caveat. After attending separate colleges and playing New York City venues while in Jersey, Edsall, Rob Natale (guitar, vocals), and Jordan Chiolis (drums, vocals) moved to Brooklyn in 2011.

“[We] thought living here would help. Instead, we all got our first NYC jobs and began the daily grind of working crazy long hours just to live here,” says Edsall. Rehearsing became increasingly difficult. Seeing each other less often, “simpler projects fell into our laps with people in our closer network,” Edsall explains.

Courtesy of the Artist’s Facebook page. Your Sister’s Canary: Rob Natale, Jordan Chiolis, and Josh Edsall.

Your Sister’s Canary went on hold for a year, giving them “a chance to mature on our own.” They return with a bang at Cameo, debuting a new single, “Lady Lately,” a song Edsall wrote as a freshman in college “about the transition out of a relationship, when things just aren’t the same.” Be the first to listen to the track before its live premiere here. They will officially release “Lady Lately” at the end of the month and another single in Fall 2015. Your Sister’s Canary will go on stage for tonight’s show at 9:30 pm.

Courtesy of the Artist’s Facebook Page. P. Everett.

Considered “spillwave, thrillwave, hadmyfillwave,” P. Everett, a client at Rodenhouse’s recording studio, will feature an unusual arrangement of instrumental devices played by Everett McPartland (blips and bloops), Shawn Carney (bass, vocals), Arthur Kapp (drums, vocals), Jim Mellish (guitars), and Bruno Smith (electric banjo). They play tonight at 8:30 pm.

Lacrymosa, Friday June 19th 9:00 pm at Union Pool

Performing under the name Lacrymosa, after the Mozart piece, classically-trained Caitlin Pasko plays folky-pop piano compositions that she harmonizes with angelic vocalization. Her cryptic lyrics create an atmosphere of romance, haunting, and heartbreak. Her music is a beautiful siren song coming from deep within foggy, overgrown woods. The sound compels you to enter and, once consumed, you can’t fathom being anywhere else.

Lacrymosa released her last album, Selah, in 2010, then spent two years performing everywhere, from the Music Hall of Williamsburg, to Joe’s Pub, to Sing For Hope‘s Pop Up Pianos Annual Event beneath the Manhattan Bridge, to the Living Room. “The process was really intense and it left me feeling confused about what I wanted and who I was,” reflected Pasko.

Courtesy of the Artist’s Facebook Page. Lacrymosa’s Caitlin Pasko.

In the subsequent two-year span, Lacrymosa played only one show at Cameo. Instead of gigs, Pasko’s efforts went into “finding my footing and re-discovering who I am as an artist.” She is now back performing all new songs, which she debuted at Lot 45 in December and played again at Mercury Lounge in February.

Lacrymosa shares her bill at Union Pool (484 Union Ave) with Eddi Front and Elisa Ambrogio. She will be performing another new song, “Favorite Dessert,” about loss, grief, and healing. “My best friend and my mom and I are all going through it right now, in similar, but different ways. I feel like I am all three of us when I sing this song. It’s a lament, but it’s meant to be uplifting,” said Pasko of the song that she says “came out of her all at once when I sat down at the piano.” Be the first to listen to the track before its live premiere here.

Weeknight, Saturday, June 20th 8:00 pm at Baby’s All Right

Dark pop rock Brooklyn duo Andy Simmons and Holly MacGibbon of Weeknight have deep ties to North Brooklyn, and will open for singer-songwriter Christopher Owens at Baby’s All Right (146 Broadway). Their recently released synth and drum heavy song, “In the Dust,” is available as a limited edition cassette or hi-res download, and enables unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app.

Oh My Love by Christopher Owens

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