Too cold to go outside for a slice of pizza? Too cold to even think of going out to a gallery? Greenpointers has you covered on the art end with this list of eight brilliant artists who have studios in Greenpoint. Feast your eyes on:

"aphrodite (rising)," oil on canvas, 20" x 28" (2014) ©Sadie Rebecca Starnes

1. Sadie Rebecca Starnes: born in the American South, Starnes went to school in a small mountain town, moved to NYC, and then trekked across the globe to Tokyo, where she honed her painting, installation, and photography skills for three years. Recently, Starnes returned to New York to open her first solo show in the city. She considers herself “not a figurative or abstract painter, but narrator.”

"Portrait Study," acrylic on canvas, (2014) ©Adam LaMothe

2. Adam LaMothe: born in Boston, Massachusetts, LaMothe majored in painting at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth and then moved to New York for his MFA at the New York Academy of Art. Since then, he’s completed a residency in Giverny, France and now calls Greenpoint home. “Most of my work is from my own personal experiences,” LaMothe says. “I’m working on this new series of buildings—these surreal type structures” for an upcoming show this October in Seattle. You can follow him on IG @AdamLaMothe.

From the "Roomates" series, oil on canvas (2014) ©Bucket Savci

3. Buket Savci: born in Istanbul, Turkey, Savci completed a degree in landscape architecture before pursuing painting at Marmara University in Turkey. She has since completed a BFA at Pratt Institute and an MFA at the New York Academy of Art, and most recently had a solo exhibition in November at Olcay Art Gallery in Istanbul. You can follow her on Twitter @BuketSavci.

"Decal 1," acrylic and rubber cement on canvas, 60x46 inches (2014) ©Brendan Carroll

4. Brendan Carroll: before embarking on his painting career, Carroll attended Providence College, where he received a bachelor’s degree in Psychology. Carroll then went on to receive his MFA in painting at the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA), and most recently had a solo exhibition in Atlanta, Georgia. He sees “painting as screen,” and explains that, “through painting, I can manipulate and drive attention into deep space, surface materiality, and/or render them simultaneously, as screen.”

"Aged Ballerina Contemplating Youth," 43 x 28 inches, oil on linen (2014) ©Jay Miriam

5. Jay Miriam: born in New York to Polish parents, Miriam received her BFA in painting from Carnegie Mellon University before moving back to the city to pursue her art. “I’m not as concerned with reality as I am with telling a story,” explains Miriam. This month, she was in a group exhibition at Art Rotterdam. You can follow her on IG @JayMiriam.

"Memory Incisions (Us at the Beach in July II)," 16 x 20 inches, oil on canvas (2014) ©Roberto Jamora

6. Roberto Jamora: standing 5’8” and 157 pounds, Jamora was born in Annapolis, Maryland and raised in Virginia Beach, Virginia. He received his BFA in painting at Virginia Commonwealth University before moving to New York for his MFA at SUNY Purchase. With a residency in the Philippines under his belt, Jamora, creates work that has been described as, “the buttery paint that lusciously frosts a canvas in order to seduce the viewer with pleasing colors, textures, and a hint of mysterious playfulness.” You can follow him on Twitter @RobertoJamora.

"Pirates Alley," (2014) ©Matthew Schwab

7. Matthew Schwab: classically trained in still photography, film, and design at the Hartford Art School and the Glasgow School of Art, Schwab began his career as a professional photographer, creating images for a wide range of clients like Lego, Ben Hogan, and the NBA. Schwab’s work includes “The Thing That Happened,” a documentary about a Ugandan war orphanage.

"Breathe," 18x24, oil on linen (2013) ©Aleksander Betko

8. Aleksander Betko: born in Katowice, Poland, Betko became a New Yorker when his family immigrated to the United States in 1980. “I was a wide-eyed foreign child taking in all of the insanity that was New York in the 80’s,” Betko says. He completed a BFA in painting at SUNY Purchase, and quickly began making a name for himself in the city. Most recently, his paintings have captured ordinary people in “recognizable urban environments: the city’s parks and streets, indifferent apartments warmed up with underfunded personal touches, graffiti’d backstage rooms.” You can follow him on Twitter @abetko.

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  1. Aleksander Betko is one of the most talented new generation realist painter reflecting life as it is in NYC and America today.
    I had the privilege to see most of his work in a expo at Dacia Gallery last year and I become a fan since then, His website has all of his past and present work. check it out!

  2. I’m a follower of Roberto Jamora and a lover of his art! A lot of his masterpieces are so moving and mysterious that I can only stand and watch them in silence! Greetings, Man With Van Berrylands Ltd.

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