Well, if you heard we’re in the throes of a serious winter blizzard. So while most of us should be home right now sipping a hot toddy and snuggling up on the couch, some of us are trudging home, hoping to snag a few essential items before Governor Cuomo’s travel ban goes into effect come 11 pm. By 11 pm all subway and buses will stop running and the Governor expects all non-essential vehicles to stay off the roads or expect a ticket.

The latest weather models now show Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx being some of the hardest hit with estimates of 24″ inches to 36″ of snow. Yikes!  Supplies are dwindling fast at our local grocery and hardware stores, but if you need to get something essential Greenpointers has you covered for the time being.

The Garden at 921 Manhattan Ave: They are trying to stay open until 8:30 pm. The owners say they will be open tomorrow, although their normal produce delivery will be postponed due to road closures.

 C Town at 330 Graham Ave: Open until 8pm, although may close earlier. Supplies are running out fast. They plan on opening tomorrow for normal business hours.

Keyfood at 244 McGuiness: Says they plan on staying open until 8pm but may close earlier. Best to call first. Will be open tomorrow.


Need street salt? WR Hardware at 720 Manhattan Avenue says they have a few bags still left in stock, but hurry up–they plan on closing at 7pm.

Threw out your damn back on those slippery subway station stairs? Duane Reade on the corner of Manhattan Ave and Greenpoint Avenue will remain open until 9pm.

For any of you thinking of ordering in or using Seamless, Mayor DeBlasio thinks that’s a bad idea. But if you are going to rely on take-out please be sure to tip your delivery driver handsomely. He is risking his life for your noodle soup, let him know how much you care!

And head’s up for anyone needing a cab, Uber has capped their surge fares to 2.8 times the normal rate.  But why shell out your hard earned dollars when we all know you should be at home tonight, right?!

Travel safe and stay warm Greenpoint! Can’t wait to see what those snow totals will be tomorrow!


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