"Someone You Love" comes to McCarren Park ©Matt Adams

If you’re like me and your cold New Yorker heart does not get warmed easily, allow this very sweet video & photo series to melt some of the frost away. Matt Adams & Katie Sokoler are back with their 3rd “Someone You Love” project of the summer, this time armed with Ikea photo frames at McCarren Park.

First came the ultra-cute payphone Call Someone You Love in June, then the postcard Write Someone You Love in July, and now Matt & Katie are helping spread love the Brooklyn way with Kiss Someone You Love. View their whole series here, or just scroll down for some quick lovin.

Katie & Matt love Brooklyn ©Matt Adams


Much and more lovin ©Matt Adams


Hot town, summer in the city ©Matt Adams


One happy baby ©Matt Adams


Everybody loves somebody sometime ©Matt Adams


Who doesn't love a small dog? ©Matt Adams

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