"When She Speaks" (still) ©Rico Gatson

Looking for a little art to top off your Sunday after visiting our first ever Summer Market? Head on down to 56 Bogart in Bushwick. Not only is it your last chance to see Studio 10’s exhibition “When She Speaks,” but the artist himself, Rico Gatson, will be giving a talk today from 4-6 pm. Gatson, an interdisciplinary Brooklyn-based artist represented by Ronald Feldman Fine Art, has a wide-ranging artistic practice that includes paintings, sculptures, photography collages, digital prints, installation, and video.

An installation shot of Rico Gatson's work at Studio 10 ©Rico Gatson

For those disappointed by the lack of diverse voices and political work at this year’s Whitney Biennale, Gatson’s talk is not one to miss. Often relying on symbols and images derived from pop culture and mass media, Gatson’s work never shies away from topics of identity and race, instead probing them to examine a kind of collective memory. The title video piece of his current exhibition, which appropriates original source footage from a Black Panther rally to explore notions of resistance, is a case in point.

Worn out from the Summer Market? After Gatson’s talk, you can check out a handful of new shows at Bogart without even leaving the building.

An installation shot of Rico Gatson's work at Studio 10 ©Rico Gatson

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