There are two releases by Greenpoint residents coming out on Tuesday June 10th that I want to make sure are on your radar. One is eyelids, an EP by Wharfer, a project of Kyle Wall. He’ll be playing a release show at Troost on Sunday. The other is by All Sensory Void, a project of Gold Eric. It’s an album called Everywhere You Go…There You Are.

Eyelids is the second release from Wharfer after last year’s The Rattling. Like its predecessor, this new EP was recorded in Kyle’s Greenpoint apartment. You can’t help but feel the intimacy and realness of the recording, but it doesn’t feel tossed off or slight like some bedroom projects can. Instead, it’s engrossing. It’s mostly acoustic, alternating between picked patterns and strums from track to track and within them, but it’s not completely sparse. Songs are accented by piano, strings, and light percussion.

Perhaps at the forefront of the five tracks is Kyle’s voice. It might be mixed higher for one thing, but I think it would command attention at any level. The voice is warm and deep, with a touch of other-worldliness. It sounds like dusty rooms and strong trees. It’s the voice of a storyteller, one who might be in a little pain, a little weary, but who takes pleasure in the act of sharing his tales and who’s ready to give. For example, the sentiment and delivery of “It’s a fine day to find I’m blind, it’s a fine day to lose your mind.” Most importantly, it’s a voice that seems to speak directly to you. There are plenty of lovely moments throughout. I find myself really drawn to the final track, the haunting “I’ll Earn My Collapse” in particular at this moment. You’ll have to wait to hear that one, but why not sample the opener “Hawley” in the meantime?

You can catch Kyle performing Sunday to commemorate the release at a free show at Troost (1011 Manhattan Ave). It starts at 6:00 PM and it will take place in their lovely backyard. Here’s a little Kyle had to say about it:

Besides a big piano in a tiny room in Manhattan, all of the music I’ve recorded has been made in Greenpoint, so it made sense to do a show here sooner or later. The backyard at Troost is like my second home anyway so I figured if I’m out there zoning out on a Sunday afternoon I might as well be making music too.


Sounds fun. If you can’t make it, be sure to to get the EP on Tuesday. It’ll be available on bandcamp here.

You are going to want to go to bandcamp on Tuesday to hear Everywhere You Go…There You Are by All Sensory Void. This project by the man known as Gold Eric takes an alternate tack for a solo project by one musician. Whereas Wharfer is relatively unadorned or at least mainly acoustic, All Sensory Void goes for a maximalist approach, with layers of guitar churning upon each other, not to mention the drums, bass, organ, synths and more. I like both of these methods and I think each is well-suited to the songs. Here, I love how Eric crafts each piece into something bigger, building in such a satisfying way, like on “Jesus’ Son“. The epic waves of guitar that come in over that crashing cymbal just kill me, but I also never lose focus of the acoustic strums, the calm of the storm. Eric’s voice has an appealing yearning to it, easily drawing you into the rush of the songs. Here’s the bandcamp page where you can get the album.

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