This week, we are re-appropriating Short of the Week’s entire concept to fit our own publication because said website just named a Greenpoint film as (you guessed it) Short of the Week! Also, it just so happens to be a great little film, so you should probably watch it right now instead of like, working or whatever it is that you do.

The short of choice is an action-romance comedy that parodies 21st century gender roles, which is a pretty ambitious combo to pull off. So high fives for that!  Short of the Week called it “a satire that’s equal parts Indiana Jones and mid-life-crisis melodrama.” We like mid-life crises and Indiana Jones very much so we obviously enjoyed this glimpse of a superhero who can’t get his laundry done.

“Epilogue” was produced by Eddy Vallante, who had a brief stint on our Instagram Takeover (which should definitely be incorporated into his professional bio) and it was written and directed by fellow Greenpointer, Dylan Allen. Co-producer, Rebecca Brice, Costume Designer, Myra Flynn, Make-Up Artist, Katie Jo Glover and Gaffer, Hasan Schahbaz all live within a few blocks of one another in the neighborhood. Even the film’s hair design was contributed by Nackie Karcher of The Parlour Brooklyn.

And best of all, the main character’s name was inspired by Skillman Avenue.

Watch this little labor of Greenpoint love below:


Epilogue from Amalgamated Picture Co. on Vimeo.

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