Dear readers – we’re excited to announce the launch of our new Greenpoint matchmaking series, Love Bites! Inspired by similar efforts by The Boston Globe Magazine and The Guardian, we’re partnering with some of your favorite neighborhood restaurants and bars to set up complimentary dates for Greenpointers who want to meet someone new. Here’s how it’ll work:

1) Submit your information to us via the form below – include a photo to help us get to know you.

2) We’ll sift through the incoming submissions, create matches based on your responses, contact you for your availability, and let you know the location for your date.

3) You’ll meet your match at the designated Greenpoint spot, have a bite on us, and report back to us what you thought about your night out!


4) To preserve some of your anonymity, our talented contributor Libby VanderPloeg will draw illustrations of both you and your date based on the photos you uploaded with your submission form, which we’ll post along with the re-caps each of you provide about the date. Even if there isn’t a spark, you’ll still end up with a custom drawing of yourself!

Summer’s a great time to have a crush. Let us help you meet him or her; submit your information and let’s get this party started.

Restaurants and bars interested in hosting dates can also email us at to get involved. Think of the karma points you’ll gain if a love story begins with your generosity!

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