We have a big shout out today for our Events Editor (she does the lovely What’s Happening posts weekly) and all around super woman, Oriana Leckert, who announced yesterday that her own blog, Brooklyn Spaces, will become a BOOK. That’s right, a real object that you can hold in your hands with fancy turny-things called PAGES.

Brooklyn Spaces: 50 Outrageous Hubs of Culture & Creativity will be published by Monacelli Press in Spring 2015, and Oriana be writing it this summer. Like her blog, it will be a collection of all the most brilliant, bizarre, and beautiful places Brooklyn has to offer.

And on that note, Oriana is on the lookout for new spots to feature, so since you are all well-crafted, culturally curated humans of Brooklyn, who know all the best nooks and crannies of this borough, we figured we’d share her call for recommendations:

I’m looking for spaces everywhere, and I want to do my best to to show the vast variety of spaces in Bk. I’m interested in spaces that are unique both inside and out, both conceptually and actually. I’d especially love to hear about spaces that are not primarily hipster- or gentrifier-audienced, ones that are queer or minority-focused, and ones that are not in Williamsburg / Bushwick (I’ve got plenty of those).

If you want some representations of what I consider a “space”—some of my most favorites are Gowanus Ballroom, House of Yes, Silent Barn, Flux Factory, Brooklyn Kitchen, Body Actualized Center. So performance spaces, art collectives, skillshares, communal living, and places that have been brilliantly repurposed.


Leave your favorite spaces in the comments section and we’ll keep you posted on the book’s progress. 

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