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I recently celebrated my anniversary of moving back to Greenpoint. In 2012 I took a sabbatical from Brooklyn to walk one-thousand miles through the deserts of southern California.

One day, after trudging for hours through one-hundred degree heat, I arrived at the only watering hole for miles in either direction. To avoid dehydration in this arid wilderness I often shared the same algae laden troughs as nearby ranchers’s herds. Female bovine are docile creatures and easily startled. Motivated by thirst, I shooed a group of cows away from the trough. In their wake a lone and stubborn bull remained. He locked eyes with me ready to charge. I got the message: Keep walking buddy.

This weekend marks the one year anniversary of another bull and another walk. Greenpoint Gallery Night, a taurus baby, was born one year ago! Join Greenpointers in celebrating the one year birthday of the triannual neighborhood art walk this Friday, May 9th from 7-10 p.m.

Greenpoint Gallery Night was started by Lia Post of Fowler Arts Collective and Scott Chasse of Calico. They saw the success of other gallery nights in Bushwick and Williamsburg and realized there was a need for Greenpoint to have one of its own.

“The number of active, serious galleries and art spaces in Greenpoint has grown over the past few years, so we thought it was time to start banding together to make more noise and get the public to travel a bit more north and visit the neighborhood.” Lia told Greenpointers.

© www.greenpointgalleries.org

Lia and Scott voluntarily maintain Greenpoint Galleries, an online directory of art spaces and organizations located in Greenpoint. Lia said, “By calling attention to all of the wonderful work and energy that is going into the arts in this neighborhood, it benefits every individual gallery.”

I personally guarantee that there will be no shortage of water or raging bulls on this weekend’s walk. There will be plenty of art to see at over a dozen area galleries and businesses. So clear your evening, text your friends and heed the bull’s advice this Friday night: Keep walking buddy.

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