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Of course  covered the 50th Anniversary of the World’s Fair by being like, no one gives a fuck, skateboarding is rad, nostalgia is like necrophilia because this place is DEAD.

In case you didn’t notice, the Greenpoint pier ferry ramp is still not functioning, since it collapsed in February. Apparently the city doesn’t want to pay for a crane, which is needed to investigate before it can be rebuilt…seems like a lame excuse, doesn’t it?

Curbed picked up our story about the North Brooklyn Boat Club controversy and the club responded by denying accusations of foul play.

Our trusted Assemblyman, Joe Lentol, took a Facebook selfie for arbor day and hashtagged #Earthdayselfie.

Happy Belated 4/20. Pot is now decriminalized in small quantities across NYC.  Meaning, you can take it on the subway. As long as you don’t have a criminal record in which case you should not be doing that.


One brave writer got leech therapy in Greenpoint and made a video about it. (Gothamist)

Broad City is genius (and filmed all around North Brooklyn). If you haven’t watched it yet, FOR SHAME. It’s hands down the best show of the year.

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