Curbed tipped us off to this offensive map of stereotypes and cliches around the city, created by  Joe Larson and posted on his blog, Judgemental Maps. Greenpoint is dominated by “OIL SPILL, Polish People, and Really Cool Coffee Shop”– not a terrible summary.  Best of all though is the “Nuclear Industral (spelled wrong) Cesspool.” Even if the makers of this map couldn’t spell the word “industrial,” they did label Newtown Creek as “Mutant Alligators,” which is entirely accurate. If you’re offended, remind yourself that this is a map of STEREOTYPES, not accurate statistical facts.

Racked did a cool feature on Psyche Jewelry, which is based in Greenpoint and run by the gorgeous and talented Nina Berenato of Bushwick. 

The Metropolitan G Train is getting a touch screen kiosk, which is will most likely inform us that the train isn’t coming for another 20 minutes. But at least the display will be fancy?

When DNA Info reported that Bay Ridge was the next Williamsburg, “that did not stop literally every single local blog from penning 600-word essays speculating whether or not Bay Ridge is, in fact, the new Williamsburg.” Free Williamsburg responded by creating an epic anthology of all the instances in which publications have declared a city/town/neighborhood to be the new Brooklyn or Williamsburg. It’s hilarious.


Lastly, new legislation is being created to fight slumlords who sabotage rent regulated apartments. It will now be classified as a felony. Sorry, Malina.


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