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It seems like everyday another business is closing in Greenpoint – especially on Manhattan Ave. But great new businesses are also opening, like P&P Shipping & Stationers (746 Manhattan).

In the stationery department we’ve lost Jam Stationery and Greenpoint’s favorite film developing spot – Enla Photo.

Have no fear – you DO NOT need to go to Staples at its cringe worthy, pedestrian unfriendly location anymore.

Filling the void, P& P Shipping & Stationers has opened a big and bright new location that answers your shipping, stationery, office supplies and yes – BELIEVE IT – film developing needs. 

Vakrim with Enla Photo's Old Developing Machines

The machines you see here are actually the former Enla Photo’s developing machines, and the owners of Enla are graciously training the staff at P&P on how to use them. This is an example of local businesses working together at their best. You can count on color developing and printing for now, but soon – you will even be able to get black and white developing and prints, too – a near impossible service to find anywhere in NYC these days. They also offer printing from digital cameras as well.

Internet Café at P&P Shipping & Stationers

The shop offers an internet cafe, all the office and school supplies you need, scanning, copy and printing, art supplies and shipping supplies. P & P is an authorized FedEx and UPS Shipping Center – so no more annoying lines at the post office, either. This is so key for Etsy and Ebay sellers.

Art, Shipping, Office and School Supplies

It seems too good to be true but it is true – another reason why living in Greenpoint is awesome.

Vakrim, Sujit & Jeff

And not only is this your new one stop shop, owner Sujit and his staff Vikram and Jeff, who worked at Jam for over 17 years – are the nicest folks.

I know where we are getting our Spring Market posters printed…

Keep it local, Greenpoint!

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