Brooklyn Brewery “MASH” is hitting the road it’s 2nd annual trans-Atlantic food and arts festival featuring parties, comedy shows, music, pop-up dinners, a found footage fest, and of course, beer in 12 urban locations.  To do this, the Brewery created events in collaboration with artists, entrepreneurs, and community organizations in each city.

So spread the word to your friends in the Chicago, DC, London, Philly, Miami, Stockholm, Pittsburg, Twin Cities, Boston and Austin. Check the dates and details here.

Local documentary production company, Transient Pictures, produced this promo video for the tour, featuring some pretty cool point of view trickery.

Now, when do actual Brooklynites get to reap the benefits? We’re waiting.


Being Brooklyn Brewery: The 2014 Mash Trailer from Brooklyn Brewery on Vimeo.

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