Would you let this man give you leech therapy? © Nina Roberts/The Guardian

Leech therapy is a thing now. Andrew Plucinski, is apparently running a leeching therapy service out of his Greenpoint loft, which he’s dubbed the “Silesian Holistic Center.” It’s like super DIY.  Now, to get one of our writers to try it…. (The Guardian)

A new massive sports club is slated to open near Berry Park and will have four floors, a rooftop deck, and two endless pools… because the wealthy Williamsburg condo owners need an equally fancy place to workout. We’ll be the ones sneaking in.  (Bedford + Bowery)

Polish immigrants in Greenpoint are concerned that Russia’s power over Ukraine could spill over to their home country. Fears have been steadily rising in the Polish media. Many worry that Putin will want to re-exert the power that Russia once had over Poland before the fall of the Berlin Wall.

The Mayor signed a paid sick-leave bill right here in Greenpoint at Steve’s Craft Ice Cream headquarters.  The law will give up to five days’ paid sick time to a half a million people.


Satmar Hasidic Jews in South Williamsburg burned an Israeli flag to demonstrate their distrust of “secular” Israeli politics.

The Huffington Post published a much deserved profile of Paulie Gee, the pizza aficionado we all know and love. Did you know that he used to be an IT exec in New Jersey? Thank God he changed career paths.

Dirck the Norseman got a friendly nod from the New York Times.

Have you heard of the Mr(s) Williamsburg competition? It’s a 9 week pageant run by drag queens and the final crowning is slated to take place at Lulu’s on 5/3. We wouldn’t miss it for the world.

Apparently Brooklyn and Manhattan rents are evening out…and Brooklynites are moving to the Upper East Side TO SAVE MONEY. The Sex and the City ladies would be horrified.

Greenpoint will soon be home to NYC’s largest bio-diesal fuel production facility, which will take vegetable oil and turn it into fuel that can power diesel-burning cars. It’s possible that this could contribute to emissions (which they say won’t have an odor….) and more trucks in the area around Newtown creek. Because what Greenpoint really needs is more industrial pollution!

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