McCarren Park Tree Decorated for 3/11 Japanese Earthquake & Tsunami Memorial

Take a paper ornament to remember 3/11/11

If you see this beautifully decorated tree in McCarren Park today, feel free to take an ornament in remembrance of the Earthquake and Tsunami that devastated Japan on 3/11/11.

No. 13th and Bedford Ave

Tsuru Project Greenpoint decorated the tree – located near No. 13th and Bedford Ave – with colorful paper ornaments.

Aya Kakeda said, “we want people to take these ornaments with them and decorate their home for memorial and to remember the people in Japan who lost their family and are still suffering.”

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  1. Fumiha Tanaka says:

    Thank you very much Greenpointer for posting this!
    Just for the update, we have also put our paper cranes in McGolrick Park, about center of the park, main field when you enter the park from Russell street! They are really beautiful:)
    Message from Tsuru project.
    “Remembering 3.11.11.
    On march 11th 2011, so many lives were lost and dramatically changed because of the earthquake tunami and nuclear plant melt down in Japan.
    What we can do now is to support those affected by remembering and move our future to better direction.”


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