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Last weekend Jon and I went all the way to Breezy Point in a failed attempt to see a snowy owl. This is what we saw, which was cool but, “I want to see a f’ing owl.” (If we ever have a nature television show that will be the tagline. “Yeah that Siberian Tiger is cool, but I want to see an f’ing owl!”)

And right here under our noses a Snowy Owl visited a rooftop in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn YESTERDAY!

Snowy Owls eat lemmings!

A huger than ever number of Snowy Owls have been spotted around NYC his winter – although the exact reason why remains unknown. It could be scarcity or abundance of the lemming population in their Arctic home (they eat lemmings!) or a highly productive breeding season, according to Ebird, which tracks the gorgeous birds.

Either way, it has been an exciting and spectacular season for those who have been lucky enough to see a snowy owl.

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