Many could argue that to love Greenpoint is to love Peter Pan donuts. Now, in proof of this, a besotted duo have chosen to express their heartfelt feelings for the fried-dough emporium in the form of a charming short documentary aptly titled Peter Pan Bakery.

Filmmakers Keif Roberts and Peter J. Haas have done a splendid job at capturing the delightful sense of community that lies at the sugar-dusted heart of Peter Pan.

You can watch the doco HERE  and, after the abundance of gratuitous donut-eating shots, I defy you to resist calling in for one of your own the next time you pass by the shop.


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  1. Painfully bad documentary. Seems like everyone with a DSLR and some free time thinks that they are now a filmmaker. To the producer, show some respect for the industry and keep this type of work to yourself until you’ve mastered your craft. To the viewer, save yourself from suffering for the next 8 minutes and just visit Peter Pan yourself. It’s much much better than this film portrays.

  2. If anyone wants to learn more about how this film was made (we shot it entirely on the Digital Bolex), I wrote an article for a trade magazine here:

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