Sparc Jewelry

Who doesn’t love sparkles? Susan Morales of the aptly named Sparc Jewelry, a featured vendor at our Valentine’s Market, told us about her love of shiny things, which began as a child.

I always loved things that sparkled from the time I was a child. The snow that seemed to sparkle in the night on the front lawn from my window. The night sky and the stars. I had a rock garden of sparkly rocks I had either found or bought as a child. When I started my company in 2001 I named it SPARC after an arts building in Venice Beach, but is seemed to fit! After I started to make jewelry my dream was to be able to put diamonds in whatever I wanted. I have stars, branches, seahorses, and for Valentines Day Sterling Hearts that are hand-molded and then cast with a tiny diamond. The perfect sparkly gift that says I love you! 

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