The location of the robbery: 566 Leonard

On Monday at 9:30 am, a white guy in a red hoodie strolled into the Polish American Pharmacy (i.e. the Polska Apteka) at 566 Leonard, pulled out a gun, and demanded painkillers.

He made off with Oxycodon, caffeine pills, and APAP (acetaminophen a.k.a. Tylenol), which is strange, given that two of the three are low cost, over-the-counter medications. I’m no detective, but my guess is this man was either desperate, broke, and in a lot of pain or he was looking for a quick fix (why else would he grab caffeine?).

According to the report, police arrived on the scene at 9:46 and by that time, the man was gone. No arrests were made.  The suspect was described as approximately 6 feet tall in average clothes–black hat, jeans, and beige sneakers…specifically pointing to every tall white guy in New York. Keep your eyes peeled, Greenpoint.

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