Closed JAM's Stationery on Manhattan Ave

I know we usually focus on the glitz and glamz of this luxurious neighborhood, but sometimes a girl’s gotta make some copies – and in the age of vanishing “hallmark stores”  where you could buy Bazooka, Precious Moments, Trolls, cigarettes and play the lotto (RIP JAM Stationery) – it’s harder and harder to find places that offer this service that aren’t big box stores or chain drug stores. 

Copy / Fax Area at P & P Candy

The “President” of my co-op building (that is how he actually introduces himself) doesn’t understand the concept of paperless. I needed one of those copy machines that you can feed in a stack of paper and it scans and copies them. Whoever invented that technology deserves a Nobel Peace Prize. Those of us with real jobs can take advantage of these machines at work. And those of us with cars can haul it to Staples on Meeker Ave where the copy center workers are quite lovely and do a great job. I had to go on a mission, post snowpocalypse.

P & P Candy Store - 790 Manhattan Ave

I took a stroll up Manhattan to see what I would find. No dice at the frame store. Next I tried a check cashing spot, but the woman behind the glass wasn’t into it and recommended I go to disco ball pharmacy, but they didn’t have the scan option.

Sujit - Owner P & P Candy Store

Across the street I found my scan and copy wonderland. Sujit the shop owner was an absolute doll and explained in clear detail how to add money to the machine, showed me which direction the paper goes and how to copy double sided. Black and White copies were 5 cents. And as you can see from the awning, they are an authorized FEDEX ship center, they do faxing (because some people still do that, too) you can play the lotto, buy cigarettes, E-Cigarettes and candy. I didn’t see any trolls, though.

Sujit said they’d soon be moving a block south to a bigger and better location.


Do you have any other recommendations for scan / copy / fax?

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