Magical "Silver" Brew

Our pals at Brooklyn Brewery just turned 25. And to celebrate, they decided to reflect on the creative power that makes this borough so unique by releasing a fancy Silver Anniversary Lager, with limited edition labels from 4 local artists that brewery co-founder, Scott Hindy, met as he grew Brooklyn Brewery from a start up to a serious craft beer producer.

Fred Tomaselli, "Big Raven," Courtesy of the Brooklyn Museum

The featured artists include Elizabeth Crawford, who paints tiny still lives inspired by everyday Bodega items, Roxy Paine, who plays with industrial forms, and Joe Amrhein, who works with stylized hand-painted typography. each offering a unique relationship to place and environment. Also featured is Fred Tomaselli, whose work has shown at the Brooklyn Museum, creates elaborate collages with layers of cutout images of plants, birds, and hands, which he embeds in layers of paint (and actual prescription pills/hallucinogenic plants). So don’t eat the paintings, ok?

Each artist offers a unique relationship to place and environment, drawing specific inspiration from the Brooklyn landscape.

Williamsburg-based production company Transient Pictures, created this short video below, which gives us a glimpse of the studio practices of each of these talented ladies and gentlemen.

Give it a watch!



Of Beer & Art: Brooklyn Brewery at 25 from Brooklyn Brewery on Vimeo

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