Greenpoint Blizzard Photo by @nickscratch

Really? Schools closed? When I was a kid, a civil war needed to break out before they closed NYC Public Schools. Lucky little bastards. They better be sledding somewhere and not inside playing video games. Why I oughta…

View of Hell's Gate by @megcotner

The snowstorm overnight wasn’t scary, but it was pretty and since that only lasts a few hours before it turns black and yellow, here are some pretty photos we found on Instagram. Ok – only one is actually Greenpoint. The second is a view of Hell’s Gate Bridge from Astoria and the last one is “the other Greenpoint” in South Africa!

The Other Greenpoint! South Africa! Photo by @clarism_4

We have more actual #greenpoint #snow regram photos on our Instagram feed @greenpointers. Follow us!

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