“Wintery mix” might be the most mocking term in all of meteorology. Folks who have ever experienced a nice blast of “wintery mix” right in the mug know its street name–ugh.

Winter and its insultingly pet-named weather redeems itself, though, by uniting us tighter with our neighbors. This week’s playlist echoes that, as curated by Nathaniel Hoho, leadman of bliss-rock outfit Walking Shapes. Get ready to get cozy with the artists down your block.

Hoho expands on his mix:


Local bros with good tunes. Some of these artists are dear friends. A few of them have worked with producer Gus Oberg, who we just finished a new record with. We love him too.

Support the community.

Walking Shapes asks you to leave our near-perfect neighborhood to catch their Pianos show Saturday, January 4. More info here.

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