Do you like mac n’ cheese? If you answered “no”, are you sure that you’re human? If you answered “yes,” have you ever eaten it in chip form?

I’m betting you haven’t, because this product doesn’t even exist yet. It comes out in January to Brooklyn retailers. But, you, dear readers, can sample these tasty snacks for free this Sunday 12/8 at our Holiday Market.

Let me re-iterate: MAC N’ CHEESE CHIPS. They’re made down in Red Hook and we hear they’re crunchy and cheesy and unlike real man n’cheese, you can eat them right out of your purse. Also, despite all logic, they are actually healthy i.e. gluten free, non-gmo, and 100 calories per serving. In conclusion, you can now eat mac n’ cheese in chip form out of your purse, and no one can call you a fatty.  NO ONE.

If you don’t make it to the market (shame on you) you can grab Crunchy Mac n’ Cheese Chips at The Garden (921 Manhattan Ave) where they are being sold early.


In the meantime, visit the Eatrageous website to receive an invite to a private launch event in Brooklyn. We hope this event includes a bounce-house made of cheese. But only time will tell.

You can also check them out on facebook, twitter, & instagram.


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