Holly Fairall is proud to be a full-time mom and working artist. She draws much of her inspiration from Greenpoint itself, as seen in her illustrations of our iconic water tower.

Her company, Holly’s HeART by Hand, creates whimsical illustrations cards and framed pieces made entirely on “treeless” Sri Lankan paper. How can paper be treeless, you may ask? Try combining 50% post-consumer recycled paper with 50% elephant dung and VOILA, there you have it. TREE-FREE paper.

Holly tells us that the production of this paper helps to protect wild elephants and provide Fair Trade jobs to Sri Lankan people. So by gifting one of these cards to a friend, you are supporting local and global social outreach, saving trees, and secretly giving someone you love a pile of (hidden) elephant dung!


Check out Holly’s creations at the Market this Sunday 12/8. You can see more of her work on the web, facebook, and in this Greenpoint Gazette piece.

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  1. Typo in the second paragraph: elephant dung.

    The sugar skulls are cute, but I think every Greenpoint resident should own the water tower.

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