Yeah Dawg!!! Loaded Kale Caesar Platter

Being vegan ain’t easy – especially because you can’t eat things like hot dogs. Well the time has come when every vegan can enjoy a hot dog. Yeah Dawg!, NYC’s only all vegan, soy-free, gluten-free, hot dog cart is bringing vegan hot dogs and other comfort food to our Holiday Market this Sunday!

Look forward to the Chili Cheese Dawg or the Loaded Dawg with Kale Caesar Platter, in which you get all the toppings, salad and chips!

We spoke to Yeah Dawg’s Marina Benedetto about her vegan attitude and other interesting projects she works on:

I love to cook and create new recipes to replace things I miss by being vegan. I love creating familiar comfort foods out of plant based materials! I started Yeah Dawg! because I thought NYC needed some healthy and delicious street food. I also love talking and meeting new people and pop ups are great for that reason.

But hot dawgs aren’t Marina’s only passion. She is also producer/musician under the project Aquamarinez, which is about transcendence and trusting the universe.


Both food and music projects are inspired by Brooklyn and beyond:

I love the vibe of Brooklyn. Slower paced, more trees, more random interactions and conversations. I draw inspiration from living in this world, all of it. I am constantly taking all of it in. I am inspired most by talking and relating with people in real ways; engaging in critical thought, thinking about space, time travel, reincarnation, being in the mountains, desert, or ocean.

Marina hopes to turn Yeah Dawg! into a proper food truck or dining venue. This will be Yeah Dawg’s first pop-up in Greenpoint, where Marina told us her favorite coffee is Cafe Grumpy’s soy latte.

Keep up with Yeah Dawg!! on Facebook and Twitter @yeahdawgvegan.

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  1. Where can I get a Yeah Dawg? Since becoming vegetarian, the one thing I missed the most is a good hot dog. I would travel to the end of the world to get a great vegan hot dog so where can I find you?

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