We’re super excited to be hosting gorgeous hand-dyed clothes from Of The Dark Star at this year’s Holiday Market. And since, you’ll be dressed to impress, why not give your animal friend the same treatment with pet outfits from Mogz? Your pets should really be wearing hand-knit sweaters made from vintage recycled yarn this season.  I mean, really. Don’t embarrass them. 

They’ll be at the same table at the market, so you can conveniently get your people and pet clothes at the same time.

We chatted with lady entrepreneurs, Lisa Robin (Of the Dark Star) and Yvonne Battad (of Mogz) to find out more…and get to the bottom of why they chose such unique brand names.

GP: What inspired you to start selling people/pet clothing?


Lisa Robin “of the dark star”: My friends all have some pieces of clothing that I’ve made and they always told me that they were stopped my coworkers, other friends or just people on the street asking them where they got their shirt/dress/bag, so I decided to make more and start selling them.

Yvonne of Mugz: I love dressing up my cat during holidays with accessories I’ve bought at pet stores. I also enjoy crocheting as a hobby. So I put the two together and it’s worked out.  What pet owner in Brooklyn doesn’t love to dress up his or her pet?

GP: Is this your day job or do you do other work as well?

Lisa: I am a freelance graphic designer hoping to move towards prop styling but, I’m really hoping to make this my day job.

Yvonne: I am a freelance denim and women’s fashion designer.

GP: What makes your pet-wear different?

Yvonne: They are hand crocheted accessories that are made for either really tiny humans or cats and dogs. All of the yarn is vintage and will last forever with proper care.

GP: What/who inspires you?

Lisa : Definitely the friends who I first started to make clothing for and who also model for my etsy shop.

Yvonne: My cat Mogwai is my main muse, but friends’ pets also help me when I’m designing. Since all pets have different personalities, it’s funny to make specific looks for specific critters.

GP: So, why the name, Of the Dark Star & Mogz? There has to be a story there…

Lisa: “Of the dark star” is part of a line from a Pentagram song, Starlady, “lady of the dark star, I love you again.” ‘Cause I mean, who doesn’t love Pentagram?!

Yvonne: “Mogz” is named after my pet, Mogwai.

GP: Are your clothes eco-friendly?

Lisa: Most of my clothing is recycled or upcycled. I try to use items that have come from friends or clothing swaps or thrift stores. I hand-tie and hand-bleach and then launder each piece of clothing twice to remove all traces of the bleach.

Yvonne: My products are all hand-made and crocheted with vintage and recycled yarns. And of course, no animals were hurt during any steps of the design process.

GP: Are you excited to participate in Greenpointers Market?

Lisa: This is the first craft fair that I’ve been involved in since the 80’s when my mother collected handmade cabbage patch kid clothes and dragged me to craft fairs every weekend. This one should be a much better experience!! Also I’m really excited to show my clothes outside of etsy!

Yvonne: I’ve never been in a craft fair and thought it would be fun to get involved, especially with one that’s in my old neighborhood! I miss Greenpoint.

GP: Speaking of Greenpoint, what are your go-to neighborhood spots?

Lisa:  I actually dislike shopping a lot , which is ironic for someone who makes clothes. You will never see me in Soho on a Saturday, but I do really like Fanaberie on Nassau because the clothes are cute, everyone is very helpful and it’s not expensive. I also love District Dog.  I have two insane cats, one who is allergic to everything, and the owers of the shop always know what to do for him.  And McGolrick Park is where I shoot all of the photos for my etsy shop.

Yvonne: I love Brooklyn Standard– they have great coffee and wonderful food that is veggie friendly and usually organic.  Little dokebi is my friend’s restaurant and the only good Korean place in the hood. I’m partially Korean and always love a good Korean meal. No Name bar has a lovely back yard and serves some pretty good dishes when the kitchen is open.

Old Hollywood is my favorite store. It’s  a beautiful vintage style boutique that has lovely vintage-inspired pieces ranging from clothes, clothing accessories, jewelry, to scents.

Check out Of The Dark Star at the etsy shop: lisarobindesign.etsy.com

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