With over 70 vendors there are over 70 reasons to come to our Holiday Market this Sunday 12/8/13! Here is just one: Japanese Honey Sponge Cake aka Kasutera!

I discovered the Japanese bakery called Isshimo one fine Saturday morning at the Bushwick Farmers Market, which is run by lifelong friends and music partners Ai Isshiki and Sakiko Mori. The name Isshimo is a combination of their last names ISS -hiki + MOri. 

Ai works as a pianist for dance companies and Sakiko is a piano technician but when they are not working on their music they are baking every honey cake by hand, imparting each Kasutera with its distinct “lightness, simplicity and gentleness.”

We asked the bakers at Isshimo why they make this special sponge cake and they beautifully answered: “To share what makes us happy with everyone else.”

This simplicity translates into their baking and sourcing of ingredients:


Our honey cakes are our ideal dessert model, and the cake is very simple so that allows us to use selected organic, natural & local ingredients. Also the simplicity of the cake gives us lots of room to experiment in different flavors. Isshimo’s Kasutera is only made of eggs, honey, sugar, and flour.

Don’t miss out on these delicious little cakes and in the mean time follow Isshimo on facebook. 

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