Electronics can be so cold and boring. Featured vendor IDSO’s Lori Idso warms them up with her unique handmade device sleeves for laptops and cell phones.

Lori is a Greenpointers with many passions and an entrepreneurial itch, “I’m constantly knitting, sewing, cooking, baking, brewing. I finally decided to pick a project, set up an Etsy store, and go from there,” she said. IDSO was born. Lori told us the story behind her electronics cozies:

I was tired of the plastic phone case I was using so I made one out of denim & felt. Then I needed a laptop sleeve for a work trip so I sewed one up. Then my roommate wanted one, then my friend wanted one, then someone said, ‘you should sell these’ and here I am.

Her day job as a technical designer, in which she fits clothes for a Manhattan retailer, translates to her own design sense:

I love well designed, simple things in quality materials and strive to create items that can be described as such. I only use high quality materials and I pay a lot of attention to design and workmanship. I want everything I make to last & I don’t make anything I wouldn’t want to have or gift to a close friend. All of my products are handmade by me, using fabrics made of natural fibers such as cotton, wool, linen, & down.


Lori talked about her sources for inspiration:

Textiles, folk art, William Gibson novels, mid-century modern art & design, vintage workwear. One of the pillows I’m currently working on is based on a painting I saw at the Dia-Beacon and uses traditional quilt piecing techniques.

Grenpoint is also an inspiring place for Lori:

I’ve been living in Greenpoint going on 3 years now, and I really love this neighborhood. I’m looking forward to the Market as great way to share the things I love to make with my neighbors.

She told also us about her favorite local spots: “Eastern District. Great cheese, great beer, great people…what more can you want? I’m also a big fan of Troost, Propeller, & Dandelion Wine.”

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