Our featured Holiday Market Vendor, ALL DAY is a one woman operation out of Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn. Dari Litchman creates crocheted baskets and jewelry, vintage fabric clutches and totes. Warning – she runs a non-smoking studio, but an occasional Chihuahua hair may be found…

We chatted with Dari about her colorful and fun creations.

GP: You are obviously very enthusiastic about crafting.

Dari: I have an arts and crafts bone. It’s the biggest bone in my body. It needs to be exercised regularly. I am constantly inspired to make things. I have been sewing things for a long time but I have recently fallen in love with crocheting.

GP: What makes ALL DAY creations unique?

Dari: My dedication and loyalty to vintage textiles and design, my kitschy aesthetic, and having the eye of a collector who has been at it since the 8th grade.

GP: Does social media come affect your creating process?

Dari: I draw inspiration from everywhere – lately I love to look at Pinterest but mostly I am very turned on by Instagram. It’s amazing to instantly connect with people from all over the world. A hashtag can take you across the universe in one click. Connecting with like minded people and seeing what other people make and how they live is so interesting and I am truly passionate about it.

GP: Can you talk about a particular piece? 

Dari: I get the most comments about my chunky crocheted necklaces. Whenever I wear them out, I get lots of comments on them. I think they remind people of something but I can’t exactly say what.

GP: How do you source your materials?

Dari: All of my wares are made by me from my huge collection of vintage fabric, and a very large stash of yarn that I have had for years. I have also been mixing textiles with yarn and hand-making some of the yarns I am working with.

GP: You live in Windsor Terrace, but do you have a favorite Greenpoint spot?
Dari: I am not totally familiar with Greenpoint but I do love Karczma restaurant, love the decor and the kitschy-ness, and of course the food!

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