Gosh the internet is so cute I could be on here all day – especially today! Don’t shop on Black Friday – just look at cute black animals online all day.

Source: The Fate of Clans

1. Black Cats – I had this as my desktop background for a while. It is the cutest black cat face I’ve ever seen.

Source: Cute Overload

2. Otter Saying What’s Up! Ok it’s kind of brown but definitely black when wet.

Source: LA Times

3. Baby Skunk Face (search more baby skunk images – may be cutest things alive)

Source: Attack of the Cute

4. Usually baby birds are just UGLY – this one not so much.

Source: Image Follow

6. Penguins … holding hands

Source: Love These Pics

7. Don’t you agree? Black squirrels are way cuter than gray squirrels.

Source: Iron Ammonite

8. Bear Cubs. Even though they are scary, they are pretty darn cute.

Source: Paper Back Parade

9. “Hey sweetheart.”

Source: Discovery

10. You didn’t see this one coming.

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