Featured Vendor: YANA RODIN

Our featured vendor Yana Rodin describes herself as a “visual artist, designer, maker, traveler, collector, and curator of life experiences.” She will be bringing her gorgeous natural fiber accessories to the Holiday Market on December 8th.

World travel and old craft traditions have inspired her designs:

When I visited Peru, Japan, Thailand, Tibet, Indonesia, Morocco, Turkey, Russia, Europe, and Scandinavia, I searched for indigenous handicrafts and artisanal, natural, hand spun and dyed yarns, which later became part of the whole rich journey knitted into my curated, one of a kind, wearable artful pieces.

Though she is based in Brooklyn she travels to upstate NY every October to the Sheep and Wool festival in Rhinebeck, where she buys special hand painted yarn from local farms. She uses traditional craft techniques and adds her own modern design twist to make chic and wearable accessories.

Yana clearly loves what she does and it shows in her beautiful pieces. She told us:

For me there is sheer joy in making, shaping, touching and anticipating the unique beauty of a craft. It is a way to express myself and find meaning in the process. Creating artful and special objects, making the ordinary extraordinary is my natural urge.

She calls her pieces Yarnas (get it?) and will showcase her fall/winter collection that she hand knitted in her Brooklyn studio, which features rich colors and neutrals in touchable textures and substantial weights. They can be worn alone or layered in multiples.

Her necklaces add instant glam, start a conversation, and are fun and easy to wear.

“Women tell me when they wear my unique hand knit accessories they look effortlessly fabulous,” she said.

Visit Yana’s website, shop for Yarnas on Estsy and keep up with her on her Facebook page.

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