Featured Vendor: YANA RODIN

Our featured vendor Yana Rodin describes herself as a “visual artist, designer, maker, traveler, collector, and curator of life experiences.” She will be bringing her gorgeous natural fiber accessories to the Holiday Market on December 8th.

World travel and old craft traditions have inspired her designs:

When I visited Peru, Japan, Thailand, Tibet, Indonesia, Morocco, Turkey, Russia, Europe, and Scandinavia, I searched for indigenous handicrafts and artisanal, natural, hand spun and dyed yarns, which later became part of the whole rich journey knitted into my curated, one of a kind, wearable artful pieces. Continue reading

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Featured Vendor: Type A Fibers

Amy Wilson taught herself how to spin wool as a way to unwind and unplug from the stresses of urban life. It soon became more than just a hobby, and a few years later, she runs a successful Etsy shop, Type A Fibers, and sells her homespun yarns at local markets.

When you think about spinning, you might picture a bonnet-wearing woman on the porch of a farm house somewhere in rolling country hills. But Amy’s yarn is unmistakably cool, and very much a product of her home. It’s an art form that she has crafted locally and creatively– a process that inspires us to think about where and how our clothes are made. Continue reading

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