Have you guys heard of this show, GIRLS? No one ever talks about it. Oh wait, sorry my brain just traveled back to the early 2012 for a minute–what I meant to say was EVERYONE TALKS ABOUT THIS SHOW ALL THE TIME (even James Franco).



Whether you love to hate it or hate to love it, Girls is back for a 3rd season and L Duns (can I call her that?) just released the HBO trailer on this other popular thing called the internet.


The end of last season got a little wonky, as the writing team tried to give Hannah’s quirkiness a back story with a mental illness that was never brought up before and made very little sense in the context of her character. Watching her shove one-too-many-Q-tips into her ear was less than enjoyable and might have caused one cast member, Charlie, Marnie’s love interest played by Chrisopher Abbott, to actually leave the cast because he “didn’t like the direction things were going in. ”

This season, Dunham mixed things up in the writers room and from what we can glean from the trailer, it looks like it may have helped.

Basically, this show perfectly sums up life in Greenpoint. Don’t we all live on Jewel Street and work at Cafe Grumpy and have yard sales and eat cupcakes in the bath and have weekend affairs with the sexy guy in the brownstone next door? Clearly, I have never watched a single episode I have watched every episode.

Here are some things that happen in Season 3 (according to the preview):

1. Hannah goes to the forest and not surprisingly, looks uncomfortable in nature. This is reminiscent of the time Carry Bradshaw spent a weekend in a cabin and whined the entire time.

2.  Marnie, played by Allison Williams, who you may recognize from her flawless commercial skin, continues to be a little too attractive to be taken seriously as a real person fictional character. She is getting over Charlie by furiously working out (I wish she was binge eating instead). In classic Girls writing, we hear her rambling voice over, “I am OK. I may not seem OK and I may not be OK now but I’m, like, OK.”

3. Everyone’s life is a mess. Especially Shoshana, who just flat out says that.

4. Adam still hasn’t figure out how to wear a shirt. That’s just his thing.

5. Queue peppy girl pop that isn’t too embarrassing!

6. That blond girl is still British-ish.

7. Hannah rubs her butt on a grave stone and cries in her cubicle.

Girls premiers with two back-to-back episodes on January 12th at 10pm, so make sure you steal your parent’s HBO Go password before then because if you don’t watch this show, you just won’t be able to talk about pop culture for the next 6 months.


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