Chalkboard Tee by Class Attire

If your family gets bored of the same old graphic tees and ya’ll have some chalk designs chops then grab a Chalkboard T-Shirt from Class Attire, a featured vendor at our Holiday Market.

What’s a Chalkboard T-shirt, anyway? It’s a t-shirt with a chalkboard on the front that you can write or draw on, then wipe off and start over again. You can even wash and dry your shirt like any other and the chalkboard is flexible, plus it doesn’t make that horrible screechy sound. It even comes with a box of chalk, and in which to hold your chalk.

We chatted with Class Attire’s Jinyen Carew:

GP: Why did you come up with Chalkboard Tees?
Jinyen: To spread creativity! We want everyone to have a Chalkboard Tee, so they can express themselves to the world. We thought, if you can draw on your walls (with chalkboard paint), how cool would it be to draw on your shirt?!

GP: Does street art have any influence on Class Attire?
Jinyen: Definitely. Graffiti and street art inspires us. Our shirt lets you tag up yourself. And it LEGAL!


GP: What is your best seller?
Jinyen: The T-Rex is our best seller right now, probably just because T-Rexes are AWESOME!

GP: Can you talk about where the tees is made?
Jinyen: Our shirts are made in the USA, printed in Brooklyn. The pockets are sewn on in Brooklyn. Pretty much everything besides the actual chalk, is made in the USA. That’s made in France, because apparently chalk is not made in the USA at all.

We would ultimately like to cut and sew our shirts in Brooklyn too. Oh, we’re giving out secrets now. Shh.

GP: What does the future have in store for Class Attire?
Jinyen: We have begun to offer Chalkboard Tees as fundraisers, so that is going to grow tremendously in the next year. We are growing our wholesale distribution, and we LOVE to do markets and pop-up shops!

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