Pumpkins are rotting, leaves are disappearing and that damn bitter winter wind begins whipping down city streets. Nighttime temps are down in the 30s. There’s a frost alert on my weather app! It’s time we prepare, folks. Lucky for us, if we need to stock up on warm winter essentials, we don’t have to brave the chilly temps for long to get them thanks to a handful of trendy stores in the neighborhood. My list of items this time around includes everything from beanies and scarves to magical phone gloves. No need to risk your fingers to send a text! This is but a glimpse of all these stores have to offer. Therefore, I highly recommend you go shopping.

1. Coal Binary Beanie via Alter ($30)
2. Maudie Sunglasses via Dalaga ($20)
3. Bow Leather Gloves via Old Hollywood ($52)
4. Swinton Color Block Coat via Dalaga ($135)
5. Cheap Monday Layer Boot via Alter ($180)
6. Zig Zag Socks via Dalaga ($12)
7. Spiewalk Broome Field Jacket via Alter ($310)
8. Watchman Beanie via Old Hollywood ($28)
9. Hill-Side Scarf via In God We Trust ($105)
10. Echo Men’s Leather & Knit Fancy Phone Glove via In God We Trust ($98)
11. MCMC Fragrances Dude No. 1 Candle (get cozy with notes of Virginia cedarwood, green corriander & pink peppercorns) via Dalaga ($48)

If you’d like your shop to be featured on a future Greenpointers Fashion Roundup, email us at fashion@Greenpointers.com.

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