The sunlit halls of Green Desk's Co-working space at 240 Kent


Co-working spaces are more than just a passing trend–they seem to be the wave of the future for small businesses and start-ups, especially in Brooklyn. This is exactly the case at Green Desk‘s 240 Kent location, where you’ll find a husband-and-wife-run sex toy business down the hall from a kids health food campaign, both upstairs from a new age-y crystal boutique.

The business and retail owners at 240 Kent are vocal about the leeway for experimentation and growth that the space affords them.

“It’s great because we have the flexbility of trying out our business to see if it works,” said Raymond Ng of Essbar Juicing, located on the ground floor of the building, which is exclusively devoted to retail and food outlets.

The ground floor space, which opened in July, is Brooklyn’s answer to the Chelsea Market, with a maze of speciality food vendors, handmade clothing retailers, and vintage sellers, expanding the options available to anyone talking a stroll along the Kent Avenue waterfront. Once a barren warehouse zone, we’ve watched the whole area undergo a major revamp–from the East River Ferry to the Brooklyn Flea and the Edge (and a bevy of other modern high rises).  Now, with the advent of this rapidly expanding co-working/retail establishment, the stretch of Kent between N. 12th and N.1st is quickly becoming a hub of young businesses.


Whether you’re craving a French Toast Cupcake (a la Brooklyn Cupcake or an “Vape Pen” to curb a smoking habit (from Vapor Lounge NY), the stores at 240 Kent are well worth exploring.

Gemstones and crystals at Botanikal

You may even stumble upon Botanikal, a tiny store in the center of the space, filled with “crystal connection stones,” incense, and gemstones. The shop, which opened in September, is the creation of the Perez sisters, the self-described “gypsy medicine women” who give card readings and cleansing herbs to anyone who wanders in.

“We’re really excited to be Williamsburg’s first metaphysical shop,” said Rosangel Perez, who was born and raised nearby, “We help people create sacred space, heal, and energize. People come in and ask questions and we guide them.”

“The other entrepreneurs in the space have started calling us the ‘Heart Chakra’ of the Shops at 240 Kent,” said Alex, Rosangel’s sister, “a beautiful  family community is being created in the space here, between the businesses upstairs and the shop owners here.”

Green Desk has other locations in Downtown Brooklyn (147 Prince St) and Greenpoint (at 67 West), but this is their newest addition to the coworking community.

The desk of Mallory Blair, co-founder of Small Girls PR

The upstairs work space stands out from other offices with its abundance of natural light, which streams through the windows  overlooking the East River and travels through the glass walls that divide each business. The effect is a sense of openness that lends itself to a more uplifting work environment. Shared conference rooms, a lounge area, and kitchen also bolster community

One of the companies that calls 240 Kent home is Small Girls PR, an woman-run agency focusing on fashion, beauty, and technology, with clients ranging from startups like Sherpaa to online media companies like Gawker and Flavorpill.

“The flexibility here is fantastic because so many young companies rise and fall so quickly,” said Mallory Blair, Co-Founder, “We just turned 3 years old and just expanded into 2 more offices next door.”

Around the corner, Radha Agrawal, runs a multimedia company called Super Sproutz to motivate kids to form healthy eating habits, using vegetable characters, games, technology, and storytelling as tools for nutritional education.

“I feel much more creative here than in a cubicle setting,” Agrawal said, “And a lot of my friends have moved in to run their companies. It’s very collaborative.”

Above the shops and the offices, 240 Kent’s roof has been outfitted as an event space, complete with a bar, kitchen area, and outdoor deck (with quite the view), and is available for weddings, product launches, and photo shoots.

The event space on the top floor opened in June

After spending time wandering the floors of 240 Kent, one thing became clear: the entire space was abuzz with the ingenuity and energy of entrepreneurship.  With all of the people in the building either creating or running their first businesses, the building reaffirmed North Brooklyn’s position as a mecca for young ideas, creative companies, and technological innovation.  So here’s our note for those Silicon Valley techies: y’all best step aside.

The view from 240 Kent's event space

For more info  about joining the Green Desk community, email michelle [at] green-desk [dot] com or call (718) 989-0949.

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