When we began learning about the Neon Sign Making process from Robbie Ingui at Artistic Neon for our Neon Sign Making Documentary, he showed us how he draws out the sign first, then lay the neon glass over it as he forms the letters. Since the glass is hot when he lays it over the paper it creates burn marks that make the drawing its own unique piece of artwork. Don’t you agree?

When he showed us the drawing for Earwax Records (197 No. 9th St) – a sweet sign – we thought it would be cool to interview the owner, which we are excited to do in a few hours. The documentary will not only be about the sign making process and the history of Neon in NYC, but also about the synergy between local businesses working together.

If you think our Neon Sign Making Documentary is something worth supporting, please make a donation to our Kickstarter today. We only have 9 days left with over $1000 to raise.

Thanks in advance!

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