There’s something important going on this month. Something epic. No, I’m not talking about the Government Shutdown. I’m talking about Cheese Month.

Have you been craving extra brie on your cracker and wondering why? Perhaps you’ve been eating parmesan right out of the shaker? Need an explanation? There’s an answer out there, somewhere in the murky light between heaven and space: Cheese-tober.

Cheese doesn’t discriminate. You can have it on a burger. You can eat it fried and breaded as a stick, dipped in marinara or even better, more cheese. You can have it on pizza, inside a hot dog, or on a wooden board if you feel like being classy. You can event add sugar and make it into a cake. This is AMERICA, a fair and free land where any person, big or small, rich or poor, can eat massive amounts of curdled dairy and no one, not even the leanest of vegans, can judge them. If that’s not democracy, I don’t know what is.


The American Cheese Society, the age-old gathering of those of us humans most passionate about cheese, was founded in the olden days of 1983, as a national grassroots organization for the appreciation of cheese and cheese-making. While you were hanging out, listening to Madonna and crimping your hair, this dedicated group of cheese makers, scholars, and lovers, joined to create a Cheese Constitution. Two years later, they held an inaugural Festival of Cheese. And now they give us….Cheese Month.

The month’s festivities will benefit the American Cheese Education Foundation, which is dedicated to educating the public about the art and science of that sweet, salty, sometimes stringy, sliced, or shredded, dairy product.

Our fair town of Greenpoint is not without the spirit of Cheesus. Eastern District (1053 Manhattan Ave) is doing their part by offering a $10 passport (which shall henceforth be called a “cheeseport”) that entitles the recipient to a 25% daily discount on their featured cheese of the day.

So if the economy or the shutdown or the general state of our government is getting you down, go buy some cheese. Do it for yourself. Do it for America.

This is what happens when you google image "cheese"


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