Fresh honey isn’t just for country dwellers. Wilk Apiary, an urban beekeeper center and honey purveyor, proves that bees can produce quality honey in even the most metropolitan of environments.

The Aviary will be joining us on 10/12 as a vendor at this year’s Fall Market to share and sample it’s finest bee-made products, including local, raw honey, beeswax candles, bee pollen, honey sticks, and other sweet treats. And with handy zip code packaging, you’ll know that your honey came from Astoria, LIC or another local hive.

Honey bee populations have been in the decline, due to pesticides, parasites, and lack of nutrition,


often connected to current farming methods. As humans, we need bees to survive– they pollinate nearly half of the fruit and vegetables that we consume.

Small beekeeping operations like Wilk Apiary, are taking matters into their own hands by creating a safe pesticide-free home for city bees.

We asked Tom Wilk, beekeeper extraordinaire, a few questions about his product in preparation for the market.

GP: Why do you do what you do?

Tom: I do it for the honeybees.

GP: What inspired you to start beekeeping in Queens? Do you draw inspiration from Greenpoint?

Tom: Watching the honeybees do their work inspired me. I grew up in Greenpoint and it is with me everyday. 

GP: Is your honey eco-friendly?

Yes, it’s ethically made and bottled by hand. We use a traditional process that goes back hundreds of years. 

Patriotic Hive

GP: Why are you excited to participate in the Greenpointers Fall Market?

Tom: Greenpointers hosted the first market I ever participated in. I love the space– all of the cool wood products and the eclectic people. Everyone seems to love the honey.

Honey from the comb

GP: What is your favorite Greenpoint spot?

Definitely Spritzenhaus. It’s on the street I grew up on. They have a great beer selection and a good vibe.




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