Featured Vendor: Wilk Apiary

Fresh honey isn’t just for country dwellers. Wilk Apiary, an urban beekeeper center and honey purveyor, proves that bees can produce quality honey in even the most metropolitan of environments.

The Aviary will be joining us on 10/12 as a vendor at this year’s Fall Market to share and sample it’s finest bee-made products, including local, raw honey, beeswax candles, bee pollen, honey sticks, and other sweet treats. And with handy zip code packaging, you’ll know that your honey came from Astoria, LIC or another local hive.

Honey bee populations have been in the decline, due to pesticides, parasites, and lack of nutrition,

often connected to current farming methods. As humans, we need bees to survive– they pollinate nearly half of the fruit and vegetables that we consume.

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No Vinyl? Fox ViceNews, Superhero Beer, Hipster Honey, The #32 Bus, Voting Blocs – The Hook-Up 9/9

Artwork by Tamara Garvey

Imagine Greenpoint consisting of wooden buildings instead of its famous vinyl siding beauties. An image from yesteryear? How about: The future! (Brownstoner)

As mentioned by Jen on Wednesday, Beacon’s Closet is headed to Greenpoint because Williamsburg is too rich for their second hand blood.

But there’s some potential drama, too, because some people are saying that Vice magazine is pushing them out. In other news, Vice magazine has completely sold out by selling $70MM of it’s enterprise to media villian, Rupert Murdoch.

If you haven’t tried Brooklyn Grange’s amazing honey that you can get every Sunday at the McGolrick Park Farmer’s Market, the NY Times covers Chase Emmons non-stop work life to bring Brooklyn bees’ tasty condiment to our tables.

What do you get when you cross super heroes with local beer? Brooklyn Defender! (Gothamist)

Folks, there’s an all new bus route going through our neighborhood beginning this week. Introducing the B32 Bus!

And finally, don’t forget to vote! And check out this fun graph on who actual votes in NYC primaries.

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