Last weekend we went all the way to Long Island City! It’s a lot closer than you think and every Saturday and Sunday (10am-6pm) until October 27th – there is great market there called the LIC Flea where I scored some goodies. And getting there and back is really a cinch. It’s not like it’s in NJ!

Loving these leather goos from Ena Colors

Since we didn’t have our bikes and were very close to the Pulaski, we cabbed it. I would have preferred the ferry because as you know I am a hypocritical car hater, but the motivation level was low for all parties after a boozy brunch at Nights and Weekends.

So after everyone stumbled around for their keys and wallets and we were able to unglue our eyes from the amazing Samsara documentary, we squeezed four of us into a Northside car for a $10 (same price as the subway) and very short ride over to Queens.

LIC Flea (5-25 46th Ave) is situated right near that big Pepsi sign you see from the 59th St Bridge, close to the water and Vernon Blvd in a big lot. Across the street is Rockaway Brewing and a drunk fairy told me to grab beer from there and take it into the market. That is between us.

Sweet Vest from Harold & Maude Vintage

I was immediately happy that it wasn’t as uncomfortably crowded as the Brooklyn Flea or Smorgasburg on Kent Ave. To be honest – I can’t even go down there anymore because of my agoraphobic tendencies and despite the call of the Ramen Burger. I can’t believe I haven’t tried one yet! Have you? The instagram photos looks pretty amazing.

Kicking myself for not getting this eagle belt buckle!

LIC Flea has all sorts of vendors, including great food. The vintage dealers were really friendly and had great home decor and clothing. I scored a $40 Made in NYC Coach Pocketbook (who even says pocketbook?) from the 80s! I can’t believe 80s is vintage…

I was so sad that I was so stuffed because the LIC Flea had so many great food options – like Clean Plate Co. – who is making brunch for us on October 6th, Nonna’s Rice Balls and pies baked in a jar from Jam Jar Bakery (yes, I know – amazing.)

Turmeric Tonic

The DJ was also rocking, just playing great music to be outside browsing for goodies. And there was fun for the kids and an entire trailor of pet clothing.

Afterwards we grabbed a beer at a mellow bar down the street and walked home over the Pulaski Bridge. It’s not even a 20 minute walk. I definitely recommend giving the LIC Flea a go one weekend and let me know how you like it.

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