We are stoked for our first ever Greenpointers Fall Market on 10/12 and during the weeks leading up until the big day we will introduce you to some of our very special market vendors!

We chatted with Christine Longcore of Collarati, a local designer who creates dog collars and apparel that can withstand even the roughest of play and still look fly. Plus, her spokes model Lucy the friendly doberman will be at the market showing off her wares.

GP: Of all things, why on earth dog collars?
Christine: It’s all for the love of the dogs! And cats! And generally anything with fur that needs to be stylish from time to time. The day we brought our itty bitty pitty rescue, Holly, my collar obsession was out of control and something had to be done. Furthermore, I wanted to help the wonderful Brooklyn rescue groups in any way possible and I think that these collars and their proceeds are and will be able to do that.

GP: Is collar crafting your day job?
Christine: I am an architect and have worked in retail design with some of the world’s major fashion brands for the past 12 years. This has introduced me to the way that brands are built and thrive and the ways that retailers function. And my passion for design introduced to my obsession with fur balls has created a really wonderfully fun and relaxing hobby with these collars.

GP: What is so special about Collarati collars?
Christine: I also run a social group for dobermans, the Doberman Gang of NYC, and through our weekly meets and extended network of dober-pals we have a serious test group that plays hard and pushes these collars to the limit. Before beginning Collarati, I bought several collars that failed during the everyday (and very intense) playtime these pups enjoy and wanted to create a line of pup gear that could withstand and look good doing it!


GP: How do you come up with your designs?
Christine: Although the real inspiration is the dogs, I base many of my designs from what I see in the fashion world in my work, and many architectural materials that cross my desk as well: for example my chain mail collars are made from architectural metal mesh / chain mail.

GP: What is your best seller?
Christine: Bling, baby bling! Everyone loves the bling, from the 6 lb chihuahuas to the 115 lb dobes. This is such a fantastic material for collars as it can be worn all-weather and for a very long time and really show no age.

GP: What is the future of Collarati?
Christine: Have fun, and watch the pups and kitties of Brooklyn get as fashionable as possible. The real intention though is that within the year I would like to begin donating a portion of every sale to Brooklyn rescue organizations. (I’ve only been up for about 4 months but it’s growing incredibly quickly, making this goal more realistic sooner than anticipated!)

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