What choo want? Yana’s got chicken butt, chicken wings, legs, skin, feet, eggs, neck, intestines… All in the name of Filipino Street Food!

Her Salo Tatlo Supper Club will be this Sunday August 18, 2013 at 6pm at The Mother Ship (I know what’s that?) in Greenpoint.

Yana impressed Greenpointers at our Sunday Supper #6 at Domestic Construction with her dreamygarlic fried rice and cheese! ice cream.

The avocado popsicle sticks on this Sunday’s menu look very intriguing, too. Plus it’s Yana so it will be a crazy great wild time! Guaranteed!

Get tickets for this truly unique and perfectly fried dining experience.


Happy crazy eating!

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  1. sounds awesome! i’m most excited about the avocado popsicles from mom&popsicles – those guys make the best popsicles i’ve had in nyc!!!!
    i follow them on instagram to see what event they’re doing next. they’re sneaky (good). #momandpopsicles

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