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  1. OH WOW……….I remember all the many years coming to this house and playing in the yard or in the front. My Dad’s Mother owned this house and the memories made here are more than a lifetime’s worth!

    The only difference back when Grandma owned the house, was it was a dark hunter green. But Grandma had bushes and flowers planted in front where there was a bench and she would sit outside for hours and watch her plants before she went to the backyard and tended to the plants,trees and bushes back there. In the big huge yard she had the most gorgeous Roses growing everywhere and the most special area for the Roses was the arbor where we would sit under during summer to shade us from the hot sun. Many wonderful picnics and get togethers were had in the yard as both my Grandma who owned the house and her only daughter Stephanie (Ciotki Steffie) would cook up a storm of food. Grandma also had 3 boys besides Steffie her daughter. My Dad of course who was named John (Schubis), Uncle Stanley and Uncle Zygmunt (Ziggy).

    My Aunt Steffie and my Uncle Stanley ( Phoebe) had 3 boys. Walter (who was from my Aunts first marriage) and much older than us and then Paul and Ronald Pogozelski. They lived in the apartment where the lady is looking out the window in this picture.

    The very top floor was an older couple who were friends of Grandma and then there were other tenants in the basement apartment. The apartment which we called the main floor when you go up the big stoop outside was where Grandma lived. The apartment looks small, but do not let it fool you. That apartment extended all the way back to the rear of the property line.

    If facing the house, on the right side of the building there is what we call an alleyway. There is a door there that leads to the back yard (which is quite big) and has or had 3 small shanty like structures. We kept bicycles there, roller skates, toys, there was storage etc. We had our own little world back there…..never had to leave. Now if you are facing the building, on the left side of the building, there is what was known as a carriage drive. It was wide enough for a horse drawn carriage back in the 1800’s. That too was part of Grandmas yard and also more area for us to play. I don’t know who owns the house now, but I can actually visualize the house if I close my eyes. I can place every piece of furniture my Grandma and Aunt had, I can tell you so much about this house and the love that filled the walls. It is a good thing that the house was only occupied by either family or close friends as the bathrooms were in the hall. In fact in Grandma’s apartment there was a tub in the kitchen which just ended up being a buffet server as we used the shower or tub in the hallway. But as kids, we saw it as our own 4 story house.

    JEN, I can not thank you enough for obatining this picture for me. I will forever be indebted to you. MY life literally started here in this house before I was born in 1951 and the last time I was there was probably back around 1992-1994 when I was 41-43 (I am now 62).


    Beverly A Schubis

    ALSO, the same goes for the picture of the house I was born in and lived in for approx 14 years at 1116 Manhattan Avenue which was right down on the corner from Grandma’s House !!!!

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