The GreenPoint Pick Up : The Good Dater

I like to think of myself as a “good dater” – I converse easily (with a wall, if need be), am easy-going, and can survive any awkward situation I’m thrown into (recently, these are becoming my norm). Reflecting upon my dating history, I see a pattern with my date acceptances: I accept because I don’t know how to say no, or I rationalize, “Hey! Even if this doesn’t work out, I will get a new friend out of it!” (I have quickly learned that no, dudes are NOT on Tinder for “friends”). After a few Tinder-induced dates (see previous post), I have begun to ask myself “What AM I looking for in a mate?”

-Someone who doesn’t conveniently forget their wallet on a first date after insisting on dinner and numerous beverages.
-Someone with more of a sense of humor than endless menstruation jokes and movie quotes.
-A college graduate – community college is acceptable.
-Someone who is moderately healthy however not someone who claims, “Monday thru Friday I’m completely grain free – and Saturday and Sunday are my ‘cheat’ days.”
-Someone who does not take sexy selfies – No exceptions.
-Someone who does not use hair gel in a way which mimics Pauly D.
-Someone who does not live with their parents (exceptions include but are not limited to, men whose parents are invalids).
-Someone who does not use the word “Babe” prior to a relationship let alone meeting.
-A man whose pants are looser than mine.
-Someone who enjoys a good whiskey.
-Someone who does not have an ironic sailor and/or tribal tattoo.
-A good dancer…


  1. Maria says:

    Dating in NYC is a nightmare!!! I have never gone out on so many dates and met so many men in my life. I’ve been single for about a year, and I meet an average of 2-3 guys per week. Yes, I also thought if nothing came out of it at least friendship… right! Is hard not to take the rejection personal, yet I find comfort in learning many women share my situation. Heavens help me 😉

  2. Peter says:

    So, when are we going to Output to find some good dancers?

  3. Sherry says:

    “Invalid” is archaic; better to use “handicapped.”

    I’ve never met a man who makes a “menstruation joke” on the first date. If he can quote My Cousin Vinny in its entirety, then I’m walking down the aisle.

  4. elle s. says:

    awh..sound like a good list…too bad he’s taken already.

  5. Cecil says:

    Meddy, girl, post that list on an OkCupid profile, my super lovely and foxy friend “M” is also 5’10 & has the same height requirement that you have. She met an amazing psych professor last year on OkC & they just eloped last week! I sound like a commercial. But I am serious, from one formerly romantically struggling Greenpoint lady to another, try it! Also, you may eventually meet the right guy at a friends wedding or at a World Cup party or whatever, but online dating isn’t so bad, especially when you get to know the language and what to look for and avoid.


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