Sunday Supper #1 at Beloved was a blast! The food was delicious, we had a great time and we learned a lot. First, don’t serve more people than you have plates, otherwise your boyfriend will be in the basement listening to punk rock doing dishes all night. Also, make sure there is enough seating especially if the meal is not finger foods. The suppers are purposely not formal seatings so it can be more casual and encourages mingling. That being said, it was a little crowded at first, but after everyone had drinks and began eating, it was very cozy. Next, don’t make too much food. It’s not a complaint, but it just isn’t necessary to satisfy the guests. The Plate Tectonics trio packed the plates with a delicious deviled egg, kale salad, a stuffed crab and corn maque choux. One of the guys said they thought they’d be feeding a ton of dudes. Not the case. It was so filling that when the creole shrimp stew served over rice and cornbread came out, everyone was like, “more food?!” We all enjoyed it thought and it didn’t stop us from finishing off the bread pudding in cognac sauce for dessert. That was delicious! It was a great night! And gave us a lot of insight on how to produce future suppers.


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